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2020 Fundraising Opportunity

Dear Falls Youth Football Families & Friends,

Our 2020 Football Season is just around the corner.  We know how excited everyone is to get football started so the kids can have fun, stay active and learn some great lessons.
This year we have decided to switch things up from our normal fundraising practices.  We will still have cookie dough and mini cookies available for those people that are interested, 
however, we have decided to move forward with Raising The Steaks Fundraising in a little different avenue this season.  Our new online donation campaign allows us to reach out to 
friends and family anywhere in the world to ask them for help and support for our football program.  As an organization, we are asking each family to send out just ONE email, but attach
as many people as you know to that email.  This will allow us to reach many people and ask for their help and support.  
The link that has been created for us is the following:
Please send people to this link, they will be able to see some pictures of the kids as well as read about why their support is so important to our program.
People just have to Click on the Donate button to get started.
They will be asked to go to the PayPal button instead of the Offline button (as the Offline is just a default & will not work)
Once they select PayPal, they will be allowed to use whatever credit card they would like to make their donation.
Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year, so with a little over 100 kids we are hoping that each family can generate around $150 of donations.  Certainly more is very welcomed!
We do have an incentive program we are offering for kids to put some effort in on this fundraiser:
Money Bag Reaches: One Money Bag reach for every $100 raised (bring in $500 in donations, you've earned 5 reaches into the Money Bag)
$100 Bill Drawing: Any player that generates over $300 donated earns a spot in the drawing
Top Donation Getter: Automatically wins $100 cash in addition to all other prizes listed
Top Team: The team that brings in the most money thru donation will earn a team party at TeamEscape 262 (includes - Escape Rooms, pizza, soda & cookies)
We thank you in advance for your commitment to Falls Junior Football.  Please reach out to Tony Resch @ Raising The Steaks if you have any questions or concerns.
His number is 262.227.7732.
Equipment Handout: Saturday, August 29th (9am - 11am) BF Parking Lot (or for those who cannot make the 29th, we will also handout on the first day of practice)
First Day of Practice: Tuesday, Sept 8th (5pm - 7pm)
First Games: Saturday, Sept 26th

2020 Season Delayed Start

With a recent announcement from the WIAA, Fall Sports have been pushed back to September 7th as a starting date for Football. With this being said, we are cancelling the equipment pickup on Saturday, August 1st and not starting practice on Monday, August 3rd. The new dates will be announced at a later time. 

In the meantime, Lou and I will be meeting with the league and other teams next Wednesday to discuss the 2020 Season based on this news from the WIAA and other guidelines, as well as to see what other teams in our league are doing. 

We just ask for your patience in this process as this is very fluid and things are changing frequently. No decisions are being made right now on anything until all avenues have been explored, thought about, discussed, and addressed as a board with feedback from our league, WIAA, school district, CDC, and Menomonee Falls Rec department.

Thank you for your patience in this process and we will keep you updated as new details come in.

2020 Jr Indians Football and Cheerleading Season

TBD - Equipment Pickup
TBD - First Day of Practice

Please be on the lookout for emails regarding the season and events that will take place. 

Please remember that all Jr. Indians are required to have a current Medical History Form, completed by a Physician on file. No one will be allowed to participate in practices or games without a physical examination form on file! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Volunteers Requirements for the 2020 Season

Each family is required to volunteer 4 hours towards the program.  Upcoming opportunities for volunteer hours include Picture day on Aug 31st, Cookie Dough Handout, working concessions stand during home games, or Equipment Turn In at the end of the year.

Please Note:  Concessions volunteers are only needed for our home games.  No need to volunteer for games on the road.  Also, we recommend you do not volunteer to help with concessions during time slots when your son’s game is scheduled (we want you to watch your son play and cheer for his team.)  As such, we recommend volunteering for shifts either before or after your son’s scheduled game.  Please contact Lou Sanicola if you have any questions or need to sign up manually.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Junior Football Program and your hours are very much appreciated!!

"USA Football Rookie Tackle" for 5th & 6th Grade

Our league has decided to implement "USA Football Rookie Tackle" for 5th and 6th grade.  Rookie Tackle is a small scaled tackle football game designed to be an introduction into tackle football for new players and a bridge into tackle football for players with experience in flag football.  The main advantages are a smaller field of only 40 yards with only 8 players instead of 11.  In addition, coaches will be on the field to assist with play calling and provide more in game coaching and teaching.  All kids will be able to play any position. Also roster sizes will be limited to about 12 kids so all players will have meaningful play time and the opportunity to learn and improve.  The game should be faster paced than normal 5th and 6th grade games with more plays and activity.

Our league's Rookie Tackle rules will be posted when finalized!

5th Grade teams at Lambeau (2019)

Fun was had by all at the Packer Game! What a great experience for the kids, parents and coaches! You all made us proud to be Menomonee Falls Jr. Indians!!

Lambeau Field

Game Schedules

2020 Schedule Coming Soon

League Rules